The Rock Creek Two Man Portable Raft

In response to our customers’ needs, we designed our Two-Man Portable Raft, the Rock Creek. This boat has the same advantages as the Water Master Models: portability, performance, and ease of use. This boat gives our customers many advantages that they won't get in a full sized raft or a two person pontoon boat.  The Rock Creek set up involves: Inflating the boat, assembling the fishing frame together, and strapping it to the appropriate D-rings.  It handles extremely well with or without the optional floor, and takes very little effort to row down any river or lake. This boat drafts very little water compared to a full size raft due to the it’s massive buoyancy and bottomless design. This design not only reduces the weight of the raft but reduces drag and makes it more maneuverable in current. The light weight raft and frame gives you all the comfort and stability of a full size raft, without the size and weight. Having a closed bow and stern supports the weight at both ends and keeps the raft from rocking either way like the conventional pontoon boat design.  The fisherman, or woman, can stand in the front on the casting platform and the raft rides level.  The entire raft  fits into a Water Master dry bag back pack and the NRS fishing frame is light enough to carry assembled or easy enough to put together on the water. Four air chambers give you plenty of flotation for stability and safety. The package Includes:  The raft, PVC cargo deck (permanent), NRS fishing frame with oar locks, casting platform, thigh bar, low-back rowing seat, padded hard plastic seat with swivel, rowers foot bar, 8' Carlisle two piece oars with blades and sleeves, back pack, foot pump, and patch kit.  Your Rock Creek will also come with a Life Time Warranty on the raft and a one year warranty on the frame.  We have a whole line of accessories to outfit your Rock Creek. 
The raft can be purchased separately if you already have a frame to fit or prefer to get it at a local NRS dealer and save shipping.  Call to find out raft only price.  You will not find it in the shopping cart.

Two-Man Raft Specifications.

Overall Length:  137” (11’4)
Inside Length:     91”  (7’ 7”)
Overall Width:    59’ (4’ 11”)
Inside Width:      26 inches
Rear Cargo Deck:   26” long x 24” wide
Tube Diameter (sides): 20 inches
Tube Circumference (ends):  26"
Frame Dimensions:  56” long X 47” wide
Frame weight: 45 lbs
Raft Weight:    29 lbs
Weight Capacity: 1000 lbs
Available Colors:  Call us to see what's in stock.
We custom build to fit your needs. 

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