The Bruin Two to Three Person Raft Package is truly the most versatile, maneuverable and safest two-person raft on the market. Qualities that separate the Bruin from other two-person rafts on the market include:

• Unbelievable stability due to the dimensions and design

• Self-bailing which allows the oarsman to run bigger water

• Can be set up in a variety of ways depending on what you need it for

• Great for hanging out at the lake with the family. All that is needed is the raft benches and paddles

• Converts from a leisure raft to a serious fishing vessel with the addition of a solid NRS rowing frame

• High volume self-bailer allows water that comes into the raft to exit quickly

• Rated to class 4 rapids

Custom packages can be ordered by phone.

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Optional Upgrades

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The Rowers package offers everything the previous packages do but with a solid rowing seat. Better for rowing big water and in fast current. Gives the rower proper support when rowing hard.


  • High pressure drop stitch floor - provides a flat and very rigid standing platform.
  • Attachable Benches (2)
  • Crazy Creek Canoe Seats (1)
  • Removable Boat Handles (2)
  • NRS Frame
  • Padded Rowers Seat & Bracket
  • Side Rails (2)
  • Foot Bar
  • Cross Bar
  • Oar Lock Mounts
  • Oar Locks
  • Sawyer Utility Oars (2)
  • NRS Super Pump
  • Patch Kit
  • Storage Bag


The Fishing package is the ultimate fishing raft for two to three people. It provides a comfortable seat for the rower and both the fisherman. It also provides a high vantage point for the fisherman without even having to stand up. The anchor system that is included plus all the various accessories that can be added to the frame make it the most versatile raft of it's kind.


  • High pressure drop stitch floor - provides a flat and very rigid standing platform.
  • Removable Boat Handles (2)
  • NRS Frame
  • Side Rails (2)
  • Foot Bar
  • Cross Bars (2)
  • Thigh Bar
  • Padded Rowers Seat & Bracket
  • High Rise Bar
  • High Back Padded Fisherman's Seat with Swivel
  • Oar Lock Mounts
  • Oar Locks
  • Sawyer Utility Oars (2)
  • Rear Acessory Bar
  • Anchor System
  • NRS Super Pump
  • Patch Kit
  • Storage Bag


• Converts from a recreational four-person paddle raft to a two to three person fishing machine
• Lightweight making it easy for two people to load it, carry it or portage it
• All packages are easy to assemble
• Frame is fully adjustable to fit everyone
• Massive weight capacity of 1500lbs
• Rated to class IV rapids
• Accessories for any application
• No boat launch required
• Access more remote or hard to get to waters


• All Water Masters are built to last with the toughest materials
• Manufactured to the same specs as whitewater rafts
• Double-reinforced seams
• Built with high quality 30oz 1100 denier PVC with built-in UV protection
• Material is VERY abrasion and puncture resistant
• We do not use internal air bladders that can degrade and fail over time
• Very few individual pieces to damage or misplace
• NRS Frames are built to last
• Excellent customer service and support
• All packages assembled and tested in Stevensville, Montana USA


• Supremely stable due to its dimensions, design, large surface area and low center of gravity
• Self- bailing floor allows you to run bigger water and leave the bilge pump at home
• Extremely puncture resistant allowing you to bounce off obstacles that you can’t avoid
• 5 Air chambers including the inflatable floor
• Can be easily portaged when you don’t feel comfortable floating through a spot


• Unmatched maneuverability and tracking in fast-moving water
• Rows with ease due to its massive buoyancy and lack of drag
• A “No Rocker” design and oversized tubes create more tube contact and less water displacement
• Only draws around 4 inches of water depending on the load
• Low profile and large surface area make it much less susceptible to wind


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Fishing W/ Third Seat, Standard, Basic Frame, Rowers, Fishing






Drop stitch, high pressure, self bailing, removable

Side tube diameter


Bow and Stern diameter


Raft (without floor) weight


Raft (with floor) weight


Raft (with fishing frame and oars)


Weight capacity


Whitewater Clssification

Class IV whitewater rafting