Reliability and durability are things you don’t want to question when you are rafting a river, especially when you are miles and miles from the nearest road way or cellphone signal. Every raft we make is built for the most rugged situations to get you off the water safely, no matter where you are. Our boats are rated to carry plenty of cargo and can handle class 4 rapids.

A Water Master is the perfect choice for anglers looking to explore remote waterways, be that a day trip or a multiple day camping adventure. Each boat comes with a dry bag that doubles as a boat bag for transportation and storage. When you get to the river throw your gear in the over-sized dry bag and toss it onto the self bailing rear cargo area for complete peace of mind. Camping gear, camera gear or whatever else you are hauling with you on the water can be secured and dry in even the worst weather.

Our boats have tackled some of the most remote and rugged areas of the world including Alaska, the Canadian arctic, Iceland, South America and several other watersheds across the globe. If you are looking for a boat to get you out on the water to explore new spots, seek out solitude or hard to reach places with a rod in your hand this is the boat for you!