We recommend you pay attention to how your Water Master unfolds as it will help when folding it up for the first time. Folding instructions are included and video instructions available here.


Now that you have unfolded your new Water Master, it’s time to inflate it. First, close the valve by putting your fingertip on the yellow button and turning it counter clockwise until it pops up. Insert the “tight fit” adapter of the foot pump hose into the valve on the rear chamber and depress the bellow until the rear chamber is fully inflated. Now do the same with the front chamber. Inflation should only take eight to ten minutes. We recommend you inflate the raft to 2.5-3.0 PSI or until it feels tight. We offer pressure gauge and high speed inflators if you want to monitor you pressure or speed up inflation time to 3 minutes. Be sure to replace the valve caps at this time. The valve cap can be used as a backup in case of valve failure.

The outside temperature will affect the pressure of the raft and should be compensated for accordingly. On very hot days you may have to let a little air out whereas on cold day you may have to add some. Always bring a pump when you are on the water.


Remove seat, oars, and other accessories before deflating and folding your Water Master. The foot strap may stay in place. Take out the valve cap then push down on the button and turn clockwise until it locks in place. Do this with both valves. You may either wait for it to completely deflate, use the foot pump, or simply kneel down on it and press the air out. The valves must be left open when folding your Water Master.

Attaching the Seat

Stick the Velcro on the soft seat to the Velcro on the rigid seat platform in the raft.  You may attach this as far forward or backward you would like to allow for less or more leg room.  Next attach the narrower straps to the D-rings forward of the portage handles on either side.  The first time you set up your Water Master you will have to adjust these straps to gain the proper support.  Then clip in the wider straps to the D-rings behind you on top of the tube and tighted to give the seat shape as well as prevent it from falling down when you stand up to wade.  Remember you can move this seat forward and back and adjust the straps to accommodate a different user.

Attaching the Oars

Assemble the oar blades and handles.   Unscrew the oar lock cap from the post and insert the oar lock bolt through the hole in the oar.  Replace the oar lock cap.  Always remember to replace this oar lock cap before folding your Water Master.

Folding your Water Master

View/download folding instructions here.


Water Masters are built tough with extremely high quality PVC that does not crease and crack like cheaper materials.  They can be stored fully inflated, partially inflated, or folded and put in the back pack.  We recommend folding it and storing it in the back pack as it takes up much less space and is protected more in the bag.  Make sure it is dry before storing it in the bag as it will not smell pleasant when you open it later.


We recommend you keep your Water Master clean and dry and out of the elements when not in use.  This includes away from mice as it is the number one Water Master repair request.  While our PVC does have a built in UV protectant it is still a good idea to treat it with 303 UV Protectant a couple of times a year.

Patching Instructions

First make sure the area you are gluing to is clean and dry. You can use MEK (found in your local hardware store) to clean the area if you want to, but it is not essential. Next, trace the patch with a wax pencil or fine tip pen. Brush a thin layer of glue on the patch and the boat and let dry completely. Add a second layer of glue and allow five to ten minutes for the glue to become tacky but not dry completely. Stick the top of the patch to the boat and roll down removing all the air bubbles. Allow at least twenty minutes for set up. The glue is heat activated so if part of the patch does not roll down, use a blow dryer or heat gun to warm the area and then roll it down. If patching a hole in the boat allow for a bit more set up time if possible and patch the boat deflated. For D-Ring patches, glue and attach them with the boat fully inflated. Feel free to call us with any questions. (800) 239-RAFT.